Temper’s portfolio

Selected articles from Temper‘s limited edition 60-page portfolio (2005).

‘He wasn’t an artist, he wasn’t an art critic, but if it didn’t look like Mussolini he’d say so. That’s the only art lesson I had.’ 

The Good Die Young
Losing eight of your close family in a lifetime is devastating. Losing them in a single year is enough to tear your life apart.

Decade Collection
‘Ten years, crunched into an easily-digestible visual thing.’

Minuteman Exhibition
‘What was the point of being the first graffiti artist in a public gallery without actually making a few statements?’

Popcorn Collection
For a dyslexic child struggling with words, comic books throw open a vibrant universe of storytelling.

Signature Sprite Can
‘I won everybody’s vote for eight weeks on the trot. Undisputed. It was obvious it had to be my work.’

Saatchi & Saatchi
‘He had an office in London he wanted me to paint. He was very creative, but I didn’t know he was a Creative Director.’

Too Good to Die Young
The next stage of the bereavement process was to splash the colour back in glorious celebration of what made them iconic.

Move Collection
‘I didn’t want to see faces; I didn’t want to see limbs. I wanted them to look awkward.’

Now is the calm before the storm; the slow-motion leap before the fight begins. It’s safe to say that Temper will be around for many years to come.