Computer Arts Projects

I edited Computer Arts Projects for 33 issues, from March 2009 until November 2011, before it was replaced by Computer Arts Collection – a new title that I launched. Some of my favourite covers are below.

Computer Arts Projects Issue 126 Computer Arts Projects Issue 127 Computer Arts Projects Issue 134 Computer Arts Projects Issue 135 Computer Arts Projects Issue 136 Computer Arts Projects Issue 137 Computer Arts Projects Issue 139 Computer Arts Projects Issue 140 Computer Arts Projects Issue 142 Computer Arts Projects Issue 143 Computer Arts Projects Issue 144

30 thoughts on “Computer Arts Projects

  1. Please tell how I can order a copy of Issue 130. I cannot find it anywhere and unable to access from website to order.

  2. Hi Kareem – I’m afraid it’s sold out in our online store, was a very popular one! We’re trying to source some more, but in the meantime they often crop up on eBay if that helps?

  3. i was looking for issue 130 also and i finally found a place that sells back issues, but i was still to late for 130.


  4. Who did the devil illustration on the Freelance
    horror stories features in Computer Arts
    Projects issue 142?

  5. Hi Nick,
    I was lucky enough to grab a copy of CAP 130 when it was in stores, but now I’m sad that I missed the follow up issue 143. Is there a way I can order a single back issue? Haven’t been able to find it anywhere

  6. If anyway possible could i be notified? I made an account at zimio and downloaded the 130 issue by mistake and was looking for issue 143. I called my favorite magazine UK and they said they are out of stock.

  7. I was so sad to miss the November 2010 issue 142 of Computer Arts Projects. Is there any way to still find a copy?

  8. Hey Nick, maybe you could post one of those links on here for Issue #143, the second streetwear how-to when it’s available online?

    That would be awesssome! 🙂

  9. can you download individual issues instead of doing a subscription? i’m really just interested in issue 143.

  10. Yeah, I was also wondering the same thing… Can you buy single issues without subscribing to all 13?? Thanks for the info!

  11. Thank you and i was curious if i can order that one from the United States because on one of your previous posts you put up a link for the UK and the USA?

  12. Hi, Nick. Would you please tell how I can order a copy of Issue 144. I cannot find it anywhere and unable to access from website to order.

  13. Hi, Nick. Thanks for that. Unfortunately, the print version has been sold out. I am going the buy a digital version. But how I can get the tutorial files in the cover disk?

  14. Hi Nick. I love the digital versions of the magazine. However, like Kin, I was wondering if the files that were originally available on the cover disk can be downloaded? For instance, I bought the July 2010 issue, which has some great tutorials. It would be great if I could actually try them with the files from the cover disk. I hope you can let us know if there is a way to access those files.

  15. Hi Inge and Kin, I’m afraid the digital version doesn’t come with disc files in the same way, although many of the tutorials are available from once the issues are off sale. Are there particular ones you’re looking for? Glad you’re enjoying the mag.

  16. Hi Nick, thanks for the quick reply. I bought the July 2010 issue for one tutorial in particular: the one by Zutto about in which she creates those beautiful owls. It’s not completely impossible to follow along with the tutorial without the files, but since I am still a beginner, having the file(s) would definitely help. Then I would be able to reconstruct the parts that are in the file without having to guess how they were created. I was unable to find them on the website before, but I will check again.

  17. I found the tutorial + support files on the website! Somehow, I missed it yesterday. This is great, because now I can really follow along with the tutorial. In case Kin reads this: I found the complete tutorial in the Tutorials section on the website. The tutorial and the files can both be downloaded. There are lots of tutorials on the site, so you may have to go through several pages to find the one you are looking for.

  18. @lnge, Thanks, it is really helpful for me. I found a lot of useful tutorial in there.

    @Nick. Actually I am looking for the tutorial files of Project 3 in CAP 144. I saw some ActionScript code in the digital version,but it’s not clear. So I am wondering if I can get the tutorial files that I can do some experiments with them. Thank you.

  19. Hi Nick! I’m really sorry to hear that Computer Arts Projects is being cancelled after December’s issue. I noticed that it’s been getting harder and harder to get the latest issue in the U.S.. Borders is gone, and B&N has been ordering fewer copies of the magazine, but more copies of CA.

    Thank you for all of your work on CAP, and for the skills I have learned from it over the years. I hope to see more of your work in the future!

    (Caldwell, N.J.)

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