Why your agency needs a content strategy

Is your portfolio working hard enough to win you new work? Case studies can tell a powerful story about what makes you unique, and why clients should hire you. But to get it right, you need a content strategy.

Why your agency should invest in video

Is your approach to video content all wrong? Telling your story in a compelling way takes more than a camera operator, a sound recordist and someone to edit it together. You need an editorial eye.

Why your agency needs a ghostwriter

Full of strong opinions, but short on time to articulate them? I can help you articulate a client-winning thought-leadership strategy – including persuasive content that’s ghostwritten in your agency’s voice.

Why you shouldn’t write everything in-house

Have you found the right balance between in-house and freelance copywriting skills? It’s easy to get ‘snow-blind’ when you’re too close to things, and an external consultant can bring a fresh perspective.

How can I help your team?