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I edited TEN4, the creative arts magazine launched in 2005 as part of Channel 4’s 4Talent. After eight issues, in 2008 we re-branded and re-launched as biannual 4Talent magazine.

TEN4 was set up to showcase and celebrate talent in art, design, film, TV, new media, performance, writing and music. It looked at those making a splash, doing something original, interesting or different. But it also explored how you could follow in their footsteps, and make money from your own creative talents.

Selected articles:
Viral is a Verb: the spread of infectious content
Corporal Identity: design icon Vince Frost [pdf]
Jonathan Ive: on form, function and plaster dust [pdf]
Graffiti in NYC: repression leads to aggression
Different and Relevant: the art of advertising [pdf]
A Third Way: the ethics of working for the big brands
Reconnected to Paradise: Stereo MCs go it alone [pdf]
Matt Robinson: surrealist artist and sculptor
Art of Kids’ TV: Anne Wood shares her passion [pdf]