4Talent online

4Talent logoI edited 4Talent for Channel 4 from 2006-08, managing a dedicated team in London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Belfast, as well as 4Talent magazine.

4Talent offered valuable insights and advice for fresh talent keen to climb the creative ladder in Film, TV, Radio, New Media and beyond. It also served as a showcasing platform, with a hand-picked Talent Directory.

Besides overseeing 4Talent’s editorial output, I was also responsible for developing and maintaining the brand across various social media platforms – from building, maintaining and regularly engaging with a 6000-strong Facebook fanbase, to syndicating and seeding video highlights across our branded YouTube channel to the tune of over 5,000 views per month.

I also quadrupled the 4Talent subscriber database from 5,000 to over 20,000 users by implementing an automated user sign-up process, managing editorial and opportunity updates across conventional email, Twitter, blogs and social networks.

In a project management capacity, I conceived and developed two national on-the-ground initiatives: Radio HaHa, a solicit in partnership with E4 Radio to develop and commission new radio comedy talent (which culminated with three commissions in August 2008, which unfortunately had to be shelved alongside Channel 4’s radio ambitions) and Mobile Games Pitch, a initiative that brought together EA Mobile, Nokia and Channel 4 in partnership with the Golden Joystick Awards to develop innovative mobile gaming ideas.