Jungle ruins and howling monkeys

Last week saw a five-day mission from Teguc in southern Honduras to the incredible Mayan ruins at Tikal in northern Guatemala. To heighten the adventure we were chased by Hurricane Adrian, which hit El Salvador with all its might but luckily (for us) fell apart before Honduras – we escaped with heavy downpours.
After stringing together various meandering bus-routes we chartered a small launch to Livingston. Accessible only by sea, this small Caribbean village bounces to a chilled reggae beat and is laced with the aroma of fine fish curry. After sampling its delicacies we were soon chugging inland down the stunning Rio Dulce, through steep-sided, jungle-fringed gorges squawking with parrots and herons.
From there it was another bus up to Flores in the north, a quaint colonial island town in the middle of a lake, linked by a long causeway to the mainland. This was another hour’s minibus ride from the ruins at Tikal, a huge complex with multi-tiered temples rising out of the jungle canopy and howler monkeys bellowing from the treetops, leaping from branch to branch with an mighty crash.

Tegucigalpa, Honduras – 28th May 2005

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