Ghost hunting in Lexington, Kentucky

Download booklet as a PDF

Yes, you read that right. Lexington. Dubbed the horse capital of the world, the city is set to host the World Equestrian Games in 2010 and counts amongst its claims to fame a thriving population of Poa Pratensis – bluegrass – that keeps the scenery picturesque and the steeds fighting fit. They also make bourbon there. I give up: you’re only interested in stalking those pesky chain-rattlin’ varmints, aren’t you?

Rookies can start at the bottom with a $50 crash course in the various species of ghoul, their favourite haunts and the gadgets that can help you snare one. But a cool $150 gets an intensive regime that’ll chisel you into a certified Advanced Hunter from scratch.

This snippet was published in June/July 2006 as part of’s Smart Summer Stuff booklet, distributed with a 3 million print-run through various publications inc. The Observer, The Sunday Times, GQ, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire

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